Airbrush vs brush

airbrush makeup vs brushAirbrush vs brush

Give your brush the brush off 
and make the switch to airbrush.

You may be considering investing in a personal airbrush system but you haven’t fully convinced yourself to take the plunge due to price or intimidation.  The initial cost of an airbrush system can set you back a few hundred dollars, depending on the quality, but quickly pays for itself due to less foundation waste that is left in your sponge or bristles after traditional application and are so simple to use that if you can spray an aerosol you can quickly master an airbrush …and have fun doing it.  If you’ve invested in good brushes in the past and have taken good care of them they probably still have years of useful life left but let us fill you in on the advantages of airbrush over cosmetic foundation brushes and soon you’ll be singing the praises of airbrush too.

Seamless finish
The biggest advantage by far is that you can apply a seamless foundation in a matter of minutes with far better results than with 10 minutes of meticulous blending of traditional applications with a brush or sponge.  The credit goes to the fine pixels of color that are softly propelled from the airbrush tip creating a skin-like appearance yet in the best shade of “flawless”.  In the same time it would take you to blend and smooth just your foundation with a brush you can apply bronzer, highlighter, contour and blush with your airbrush.   There’s no need to clean your airbrush after each color change; simply add your next color and spray onto a tissue until you see the shade change, then apply where needed and continue until you’ve completed all the steps you choose.  Most mornings a quick overall spray will do the trick but on those special days when you want to look outstanding you can still add contour and highlight in less than 5 minutes and be red carpet glowing!

More sanitary
Even if you wash your brushes after each use you’ll be hard pressed to get the same hygienic benefits as you will with an airbrush.  There is never any danger of cross contamination due to the foundation going straight from bottle-to-airbrush-to-face bypassing any germs that could be living in your brushes or on your fingers.  Now that’s pimple prevention!

Less wrinkles
Consider the number of rubs and pull and tugs you inflict upon your face each time you apply your foundation.  If you’re like most women that’s 5 days a week, 20 times a month and 260 times a year for upwards of 7800 pulls over your lifetime.  All those tugs and pulls are hard on the skin over time and just think, when you airbrush you could be preventing sags and wrinkles and getting a mini facial in the process.  If you’ve ever had an airbrush makeover you know how wonderful that cool breeze feels on the skin!  That alone is worth it!

Now if all of this hasn’t convinced you to put your foundation brush aside, maybe this will…  you’ll never need to use powder to set your foundation again.  It sets as it’s applied avoiding the unsettling settling of makeup in the creases.  Of course if you really love a matte look most airbrush makeup is compatible with any other cosmetics, including powder, but there’s nothing more youthful than a flawless, dewy glow!

Happy airbrushing!


Written by Paula Mayer / Makeup Artist, stylist and founder of AirPro Makeup.