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Skin is in!

Looking for a quick glow? Try these sure fire glow-getter strategies. Let this be the year that your skin glows from within where only a hint of foundation is needed to finish the healthy lit-from-within glow. Let your true undertones of peach, pink, yellow, olive and/or bronze show through. AirPro airbrush makeup is the perfect […]

Summer Skin

Summer is in full swing – AirPro Makeup to the rescue! Summer is in full swing which means bare skin.  For those with less than perfect skin you’ll want a little help while keeping it light.  AirPro Makeup is the best solution for a no-makeup look for flawless skin.  What’s that you say? Makeup without looking […]

The clean food and beauty connection

Eat clean and your skin will thank you with a healthy glow You may know that to eat clean, whole foods is good for your health but it’s also vital for retaining smooth vibrant skin throughout your life.  Food plays an integral role in how we feel on a day-to-day basis, how much energy we have […]

Facial sculpting with airbrush makeup

The art of facial sculpting with airbrush makeup Facial sculpting can bring the face from flat to fabulous; completely transforming features or softly emphasizing key elements.  If you will be photographed proper contouring is especially flattering as photos are one dimensional and by emphasizing your features with contour and highlight you’ll appear more three dimensional.  Think Kim Kardashian selfie.  She is the queen […]

Highlighting for a quick facial pick-me-up

Highlighting is a simple beauty trick Whether you use the term highlighting or strobing the effect can be ethereal and act as a quick facial pick-me-up.  Imagine something as simple as a touch of highlighter here and there to bring your skin from dull to dynamic within a matter of minutes.  Not to mention give you a […]

Summer Fresh Skin

Pamper yourself and reap the benefits with fresh skin. Try these at-home treatments and you’ll reveal an ultra radiant canvas ideal for your next airbrush makeup application. Now that winter is officially over it’s time to shed your skin’s winter coat and prepare for your supple summer glow and your freshest skin ever using homemade remedies you can cook up […]

Beauty Sleep Strategies

Beauty Sleep strategies and makeup tips for faking it. While it would be ideal to boast 7-8 hours of sleep nightly, for most of us with busy lives, it just isn’t a reality.  Restorative sleep not only benefits your mood, coping capabilities, problem solving skills and overall health; your skin and eyes will noticeably give away your lack-of-sleep making you not only feel […]

Easy fixes to revitalize hair with simple recipes included

Easy fixes to revitalize your mane attraction with inexpensive products you probably have on hand. Revitalize hair and make your Mane Attraction all it can be! Let’s face it, our tresses are what define us.   Spiky pink-tipped or long, beachy waves say a lot about who we are.   Without ever speaking a word you can make a major image […]