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Homemade Toner Recipes

Three Simple Homemade Toner Recipes Support the inherent vitality of your skin with these simple and inexpensive two-ingredient recipes. Sometimes the simplest things can be the best things for us.  As is the case with skin toners.  There’s an array of prepackaged products to choose from and some with long ingredient lists containing things that may […]

Airbrush makeup quick contour

Face Talk beauty tip – quick contour Time saving contour made simple Self tanner equals time saver.  Tired of contouring every morning to achieve the sculpted look you desire?  Or maybe you skip this step all together because it’s too time consuming.  Try using a sunless tanning solution as contour once or twice a week.  Here’s […]

Airbrush vs brush

Airbrush vs brush Give your brush the brush off                                            …and make the switch to airbrush. You may be considering investing in a personal airbrush system but you haven’t fully convinced yourself to take the plunge due to price or intimidation.  The initial cost of an airbrush system can set you back a few hundred dollars, depending on […]