Homemade Toner Recipes

Three Simple Homemade Toner Recipes

Support the inherent vitality of your skin with these simple and inexpensive two-ingredient recipes.

Sometimes the simplest things can be the best things for us.  As is the case with skin toners.  There’s an array of prepackaged products to choose from and some with long ingredient lists containing things that may actually cause more harm than good.  That is not always the case but why spend a lot of money on something when you can quickly whip up a batch in your own kitchen using inexpensive, natural and organic ingredients that you probably already have on hand.  Here are three of my favorites and you can experiment by adding a few drops of essential oils if you prefer a scent.  I use mine morning and night so I prefer to keep it unscented.

Skin soother

2 chamomile tea bags
1 cup filtered water

homemade chamomile toner


Cooling and refreshing!

Chamomile is nourishing and rejuvenating when used both internally and externally.  When used as a toner it will reduce puffiness giving a refreshed look to the face.  It alleviates skin rashes and itching and accelerates healing due to it’s anti-oxidant, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties.   When used consistently for two to three weeks it will fade spots and acne scars.  It’s also a good remedy for dry, flaky scalp due to it’s anti-fungal properties.  Save the used tea bags and store in your refrigerator. Apply for a soothing effect when eyes are tired and puffy.  Find organic chamomile here.

Directions: Boil water and steep chamomile teabags for 10 minutes.  Let cool completely before transferring to storage container of your choice.  I prefer a spray bottle in order to skip the step of applying to a cotton ball first.  Anything to shorten my skincare regimen.   This should last about a month when used morning and night.

Wrinkle fighter

1 tsp MSM (methylsolfonylmethane) powder
1 cup filtered water

homemade skin toner recipe


Important source of sulfur!

MSM plays a key role in maintaining the integrity and elasticity of connective tissues.  It is an important component of proteins found throughout the body, hair, nails, skin & tendons.  While the powder is generally taken internally it is also beneficial when used externally addressing inflammation, scar tissue and wrinkles.  Great for treating damaged/irritated skin due to sunburns or mosquito bites.  I’ve tried different brands and have had good luck with all.  Take your pick here.

Directions: Simply mix ingredients in a spray bottle, shake and you’re set for about a month when used morning and night.

A great addition to this product is Sunfood’s MSM lotion.

Ph balancer

1 part apple cider vinegar
3 parts filtered water

apple cider vinegar

apple cider vinegar

Acne banisher!

Balances your skin’s ph making you less oily as well as less dry. And that’s why it’s considered “balancing”.  Mix the amount you want using the proportions listed above and apply with a cotton bud or spritzer.  Just be careful to avoid the eyes.  It stings if you get it in them, as I learned from experience.

This product is inexpensive, natural, organic and may already be in your cupboard.  It is known for it’s acne banishing properties because it removes excess dirt, leftover makeup, dissolves dead skin cells and kills bacteria making it an astringent extraordinaire!

My favorite is Bragg’s and can be found here.

Directions: Place ingredients in container of choice, shake and you’re done!  Amount of time it lasts will be dependent on amount you make.

Note:  All of these toners can be administered with your AirPro Airbrush Makeup System which has an amazing cooling and refreshing affect.  So have fun pampering yourself and doing what’s good for your skin at the same time!