How to

How to airbrush makeup

Assembly instructions

1. Slip one end of the silicone air hose onto air hose connector of airbrush and the other end onto the air outlet of the compressor.  Plug one end of the power cord into the compressor and the other end into your wall outlet.  Green indicator light will signal when it’s ready for use.  This will take several seconds.

how to airbrush makeup

Slip hose onto connector

How to

Place compressor on a firm surface such as your bathroom vanity.
2. Pull protective cap off airbrush tip and pop cap off of airbrush bowl.

how to airbrush makeup 2

Remove protective caps

3. It is helpful to spray water through airbrush before beginning each airbrush application to loosen any residual product from previous sessions.  Then place 2 pumps of AirPro Makeup foundation into the airbrush cup for light to medium coverage on face and neck.  Use 3-4 pumps for full coverage of face and chest.  A drop of water can be blended with AirPro foundation in bowl for an ultra sheer finish.

how to airbrush makeup 3

Pump airbrush foundation into bowl

4. Start compressor by depressing the on/off button.

5. Hold airbrush horizontally 3-4 inches from skin in the same manner you would hold a pencil and pull back the airbrush lever allowing the foundation to flow through airbrush and onto the skin.  You will feel a fine mist of moist air on the skin.  This is a combination of air and foundation being applied to the skin as tiny dots of pigment, allowing your natural skin tones to show through creating the appearance of wearing no makeup at all.

Eye area: Gently close eyes without squeezing tightly.  Airbrush under closed eye, on eyelid and even over lashes to plump them up.  You may find it necessary afterward to dab around eye area with a damp cosmetic sponge or your finger to smooth any creases.

Camouflage: For blemishes and scars hold airbrush approximately 1/2 inch from spot and gently pull back lever releasing a small amount of foundation.

how to airbrush makeup 4

Hold airbrush 3-4 inches from skin

6. Very important!  After completing the application remove any excess foundation from the airbrush cup by rinsing with water.  Fill bowl with 4-5 drops of airbrush cleaner and run through the system until all traces of foundation are removed.

how to airbrush makeup 5

Clean your airbrush after every use


The key to achieving a natural yet flawless look is to keep the airbrush moving at all times.  Don’t build up the makeup in one area -go over the entire face several times, slowly, creating an even appearance.  Remember to keep the airbrush moving and you’ll soon see an overall smooth appearance without actually seeing the foundation on the skin.

Add a pump of hightlighter to your foundation to accentuate tops of cheekbones.  Add a pump of foundation several shades darker than your skin tone under cheekbones and on forehead to add warmth and dimension.


Problem: Airbrush will not spray


1. Most likely the nozzle is clogged.  The clean, remove handle and needle and carefully lay aside.  Next remove complete head assembly and soak it in either airbrush cleaner or isopropyl alcohol.  If in a hurry a small oral brush dipped in cleaner or alcohol can be used to gently clean tip but take care not to damage the delicate nozzle tip.  Carefully reassemble airbrush.

2. Foundation may be too thick which can happen when the water evaporates from it over time.  Try adding a drop or two of water to foundation and mix with brush before spraying.

3. Make sure none of the parts are loose.

4. Nozzle or needle may be damaged and can be replaced.

 Airbrush Assembly

1. Screw on, then tighten the complete head assembly. (50-0161MU)

2. Insert the needle making sure trigger is in proper place and slowly push all the way forward. (50-0141MU)

3. Screw on the needle chuck and tighten securely. (51-010)

4. Attach the handle. (50-033B)

airbrush components

Happy airbrushing!