Summer Skin

Summer is in full swing – AirPro Makeup to the rescue!

Airbrush makeup - The Essential Pro Kit

Airbrush makeup – The Essential Pro Kit

Summer is in full swing which means bare skin.  For those with less than perfect skin you’ll want a little help while keeping it light.  AirPro Makeup is the best solution for a no-makeup look for flawless skin.  What’s that you say? Makeup without looking like you’re wearing any? Scandalous!  I know, but it’s true with AirPro Makeup. 

For that much sought after sexy post-workout dew follow these simple steps.

Focus on skincare Base your routine daily on your current skin status.  If it’s been especially oily lighten up on the moisturizer you’re using.  You should be using a sunscreen daily whether you plan to be outdoors or not, but especially in the summer.  This is my favorite.  If you live in a dry climate or are exposed to a lot of air conditioning, which can be drying, try adding rosehip seed oil to your moisturizer until your skin balances out.  Don’t be afraid to vary your routine.  Listen to your skin!  It will tell you what it needs.

Layer your look  If you want that no-makeup-look it’s going to take some …well, makeup.  Start with a light concealer on the inner corner of the eyes.  This should be a peachy shade as we’re trying to conceal not highlight at this point.  Next you’ll want to pull out your trusty AirPro airbrush and the foundation shade suitable for your current skin shade.  Likely in the summer you’ll be one shade darker than your winter shade.  Airbrush only on trouble spots for coverage and then very lightly overall lending an even glow to the skin.  Skip the setting powder unless you’re extremely oily and then only on t-zone.  Next, grab your AirPro luminizer shade of choice.  My favorite is Champagne Shimmer.  You’ll use this to accent tops of cheekbones, browbones, cupids bow and inner corner of eyes (doing this last step with eyes closed, of course).

Finishing touches Add a drop of your favorite AirPro blush shade to the airbrush bowl without rinsing out the last remnants of luminizer.  This will give your blush a bit of glow.  Lightly airbrush over cheeks and lids, add a hint of gloss, coat of mascara and you’ll look absolutely summer fresh in minutes!

Touch ups  If your skin is dry mist lightly with a fine spritz of water such as Evian Facial Spray.  This will rehydrate your skin without disturbing the airbrush makeup.  If your skin is super oil try blotting papers.  I recommend Boscia.

Now you can be confident that your skin is glowing and flawless in a most un-made-up way!  Summer will be over before we know it so go enjoy it with your beautiful skin!