The best version of you

Best version of you

How to be the best version of you…with minimal effort

Being the best version of you begins with a healthy diet which incorporates a wide array of colorful plants and herbs.  This will go a long way toward giving you a built-in glow.  We’ve all heard the saying “you are what you eat” and our skin is a reflection of what we put into our bodies.  Learn more about skin beautifying foods in this article.

Looking for a complete skin turnaround?  This is a great book on the subject. Eating for Beauty by David Wolfe

Restorative sleep 

Restorative sleep is without question a must for renewing skin cells, relaxing facial tension that can lead to fine lines and eventually wrinkles, and lessening dark circles.  Practicing a meditative skin-loving ritual just before bedtime will prepare you mentally for a peaceful sound sleep and give your skin the nourishment it needs in order to rejuvenate fully.  All of this will equate to less time needed the next morning to look fresh and ready to face the day.  And wouldn’t you rather have a few extra minutes to enjoy a nice breakfast or a cup of tea rather than stand in front of the mirror making corrections?  I know I would!

Even if you’ve been a stellar veggie eater and have been consistently logging 7-8 hours of shut-eye per night, it’s still preferable for most of us to add a bit of makeup in order to complete our look.  So whether you’re a high-powered executive in meetings all day or a busy mom running your kids to and from activities here’s some tips that will make you look bright-eyed and polished in less than 15 minutes.

The ultimate beauty tool

My number one favorite beauty tool is an airbrush.  I say this not because I developed an amazing airbrush system AirPro Makeup but because this is truly the fastest way to lay down an even layer of dewy foundation without lines of demarcation, smudges or tell-tell neck/face mismatches.  You have total control over the amount of coverage you want depending on the demands of your day.  If you have something really special going on you can easily do a quick contour in virtually seconds.  There will be an initial outlay of money to get started but will quickly pay for itself with the inexpensive refills.  And the amount of time you save in the application process is invaluable.

If you’re not prepared to shell out the money for an airbrush at this time my next choice would be a tinted moisturizer of some sort.  Most have adequate coverage -and remember if you’re following a healthy diet and getting adequate sleep the foundation will only be needed to lightly even skin tones, not as full coverage.

Eye brightener

Peach will brighten your eyes immediately due to the color correcting properties of peach for the blue tones typical of dark circles. This is true of concealer, if needed, and eyeshadow as well. There’s varying degrees of peach toned eyeshadow so find an intensity that suits your skin tones and comfort level. This will allow for a quick brush stroke application with eye-opening results!

Black mascara

Black mascara makes the eyes pop! And if you really must: add some eyeliner but remember this step can be time consuming so decide how important it is to your everyday look. I’m a big fan of the lash curler. If you’ve mastered the magnetic eye lashes, these are quick and also speed up the cleansing process at the end of the day when it’s time to take it all off, as less mascara is needed with these. While on this subject; full makeup removal nightly is a must! And even if you skip makeup one day, it’s still a good idea to wash off the day with an oil cleanser. I make up a big batch and it lasts me several months. Here’s my blend:

Homemade oil cleanser – measurements need not be precise
2 oz jojoba oil
2 oz sweet almond oil
3 drops castor oil (winter blend only)
5-10 drops lavender essential oil (optional sleep therapy)
5 drops geranium essential oil (anti-inflammatory)

Brow bliss

Big bold brows are in and can be truly transformative however be careful not to get caught up in the process. Stick with a powder to fill as this will be more forgiving for a softer daytime-friendly look.

Powder blush

Powder blush with a hint of shimmer will add an envious glow and the ease of powder application means speed!

Lips and done!

Morning rush is not a time to fuss with lip liner unless your goal is to reshape your natural lipline.  If so, then go for it.  Otherwise stick with a peachy/pink gloss or cream lipstick in the same range as your overall palette.  Something to compliment the eyeshadow you choose.  Tip: if you like a rich bronzy/peach eyeshadow then go for a softer lip.  If you like less emphasis on the eye -just enough to open them up, then go for a strong lip.  I usually do this step just before heading out the door after finishing the last sip of my green drink. 🙂

I would love to hear of your quick makeup application tips that you’d like to share with others.